Farmers needed for field validation - autonomous tractor & land roller implement

Mojow Autonomous Solutions Inc. (Mojow) is a digital AG technology company based in Edmonton, Alberta. Our primary focus is developing a kit that enables autonomous farm implement operation (EYEBOX™).

Mojow is looking for acres to validate our autonomous navigation and control system on. Mojow will provide a tractor, land roller implement, and an engineer who will always be present while the tractor is in operation. The engineer will operate the tractor from an app on their phone.

Field validation is a specific, and important part of testing our autonomous systems. Mojow needs to:

Ensure EYEBOX functions as designed.

Can maintain autonomous operations within changing environmental conditions.

Identify any areas for improvement (from input gained from you)


We are looking for farmers that are as close to Edmonton Alberta as possible. Our development office is located in southwest Edmonton. It would be our intention to bring various Mojow team members to the farm throughout autonomous land rolling operations.


April 27 - May 31, 2023 (weather dependant)

Mojow engineers require field time seeing their work in action, so they can discover any shortcomings and ensure timely improvements are made. We are hungry for knowledge. Our team wants to gain more experience on the farm, to better understand and anticipate modern farming practices. We need your help!

Specifically, the team will be working on validating their work in:

1) Autonomous coverage mission reliability - Take a ride inside an autonomous tractor with a Mojow engineer for a firsthand look and feel. Provide your feedback to our engineers directly.

2) Field Boundary Estimation Mapping - see how Mojow's proprietary field boundary mapping software allows autonomous tractors to complete field coverage missions without any prior knowledge of the field boundary locations.

3) Real Time Obstacle Detection and Avoidance - learn how our autonomous tractor detects and avoids surprise obstacles within its path.

4) Autonomous Implement State Transitions - see firsthand how the land roller implement utilizes computer vision and machine learning to control the steering, propulsion, and hydraulic remotes necessary for safe autonomous implement transitions.

5) Real Time Local Mapping System - see the tractor generating a real-time map of its surroundings used for local path adjustments and advanced navigation tasks in complex environments.

Farmers who are interested in being a part of our field validation this spring are invited to reach out to Owen Kinch at 1-306-541-7104 or email

You can view some videos of our team in action from last year on Youtube.

Owen Kinch, President & co-founder