Introducing EYEBOX™

EYEBOX is an economical set of hardware and software components that can be installed on tractors, enabling it to complete tasks autonomously at the farm. Tasks such as path planning, operating the tractor's hydraulic remotes, autonomous driving of the tractor to complete a field coverage mission with implements such as land roller, heavy harrow and any other typical farm equipment, engine management including remote start/stop, as well as monitoring all important machine variables from a mobile application. EYEBOX complements your existing equipment with extra intelligence to allow you to do more with minimal investment.

How does it work?

All EYEBOX needs is a power supply from the tractor, a CAN bus connector, and a little space in the cab and on the roof to mount the components. Ease of use and installation has been one of our main objectives while creating EYEBOX. Once EYEBOX is installed and powered on, everything else can be done through a mobile application. Things such as moving the machine, planning and starting a job, and monitoring the state of the machine can easily be done in the mobile application.

Our most important focus is on in-field operations, ensuring EYEBOX can operate the machine reliably and consistently in the field to get the job done the way the farmer wants. A typical job can be setup in a few steps by the user:

  1. Drive the tractor and the implement to the field.
  2. Start mapping the field boundaries. This defines where the tractor can operate autonomously. Mapping boundaries is completed by driving the tractor and attached implement around the outside headland pass, and around any internal obstacles. Note: this step can be skipped if nothing has changed from a previous coverage application by the autonomous tractor.
  3. Park the tractor somewhere close to the field entrance or wherever is convenient.
  4. Setup a field coverage job using the path planning feature in the EYEBOX mobile application. This includes number of headlands, AB line heading, start and end locations and other minor customizations for preparing your coverage path.
  5. Once the user is happy with the path plan, they can start the job by pressing the start button in the app.
  6. The tractor starts the job and the user can monitor live camera views from the mobile app, adjust any parameters such as the hydraulic remote settings, ground speed, engine RPM, or anything else necessary to get the job done.
  7. The user is able to pause and resume the job anytime during the operation.

EYEBOX features

Depending on the operation, attached implement, and farmer interests, any of the following features can be activated or deactivated from the mobile application.

  1. Path planning for 100% field coverage with many customizations
  2. Plan a custom path plan to move the tractor to a new location
  3. Autonomously following any existing path from the mobile application
  4. Operate the hydraulic remotes to make adjustments
  5. On/off control of power take-off (PTO)
  6. Live viewing of cameras around the machine for monitoring purposes
  7. Obstacle detection
  8. Stopping for detected obstacles (requires human intervention to approve avoidance path)
  9. Avoiding detected obstacles autonomously
  10. Autonomous implement transitions (folding and unfolding)
  11. Autonomous field boundary mapping
  12. Autonomous field entrance detection
  13. Autonomous road navigation
  14. Autonomous farmyard navigation

Integration of additional automation features are being added to EYEBOX every month.

You can view some videos of our team in action from last year on Youtube.