digital farms of tomorrow

Our mission

To streamline on-farm operations, through innovative digital technologies and artificial intelligence, to help build a sustainable agriculture industry.

Mojow Autonomous Solutions INC is currently developing digital technology for agriculture. Our focus is to help farmers in the following areas:

  • Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of human labor
  • Supporting the successful deployment of autonomous farm machinery

The multiple technology stacks being developed by Mojow will provide a unique mix of stand-alone digital products for sale within the AG market.

Mojow was incorporated in February of 2020. Our corperate office is located in White City Saskatchewan, and the main software development office is located in Edmonton, Alberta. Western Canada is rich with the technical talent necessary for our highly specialized software development needs, and conveniently located near the customer base we plan to serve. There is no better location in the world to develop digital-AG technologies than in Western Canada.

We enable digital farming

Current challenges faced by farmers today

Human labor availability is a major challenge facing farmers around the world today.

  • Rural populations are in steady decline worldwide, as people move to urban areas for better opportunities
  • The nature of farm work (seasonal)
  • An aging workforce

Farm size has continued to grow larger over the last few decades. This has only compounded the farm labor challenge that farms are contending with today. As farms continue to grow in size, they spread over a larger geography and it is much harder for the farm manager to remember all of the finer details and nuances of the field level farming operation, so that they can manage and direct the field level operations effectively on a daily basis. On top of this, it is difficult to manage and direct an employee when they are not familiar with the field’s location, history, or even the farming area in general. This makes it very difficult to manage farm labor efficiently today.

The Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council (CAHRC) recently released a report called “How Labor Challenges Will Shape the Future of the Grain and Oilseed Industry: Agriculture Forecast to 2029”. It shows that in 2017 the industry was unable to fill over 2000 positions, and this gap is predicted to grow much larger by 2029, the report predicts that 1 in 4 positions could be left vacant. The consequences of such a large labour gap would be devastating to the industry, and potentially to countries that rely on food imports to feed their populations.

Solutions grown on real farms

We are feverishly working towards our Minimal Viable Product (MVP) requirements with commercial launch planned for early 2022. Please stay tuned for more info.

Made on real farms, with input from farmers

Rowen Farms is a 3000+ acre small grains farm, located in Saskatchewan, Canada. Mojow is able to “slow the farm down” during critical operational times of the year, to allow for early testing in real working environments. Our strong relationship with Rowen Farms has allowed us to start the process of connecting our software engineers directly to the farm, to build a solid understanding and first hand appreciation of the challenges present within modern farming practice today.

We are farmers



Owen Kinch

Co-founder and President

Grain farmer with 13+ years of experience farming. 10+ years of experience within AG-tech and AG-manufacturing. 10+ years of experience testing and validating pre-launch AG equipment and technology in real working environments (directly on the farm).

Mojtaba Hedayatpour

Co-founder and Director of Artificial Inteligence

A passionate autonomous systems architect and software developer, with experience leading cross-functional teams. 5+ years of experience designing and developing autonomous unmanned aerial and ground vehicles.

Mojow’s co-founders have direct experience, and many contacts currently within ag-tech and the agriculture industry in general, from which we are able to draw on for support in a multitude of areas. Mojow’s current development team is made of 9 people total.

Mojow is excited to participate in a bright and vibrant AG-tech industry. We are highly motivated to reach our goals of becoming a leading autonomy solutions provider to farmers across the world.

Mojow desires to work collaboratively with as many other like-minded companies within the AG-tech industry as possible. To consolidate and reduce development costs, and to leverage synergies to improve customer offerings. There is too much opportunity within agriculture to pursue without strong collaboration.



Corporate office:
18 College Crescent, White City, SK S4L 0C6 Canada

Development office:
264 Omand Dr NW, Edmonton, AB T6R 1K8 Canada


White City: +1 (306) 541-7104

Edmonton: +1 (780) 446-7625